„...watching deliberately, imitating the nature, while never sitting back and doing nothing – that is our philosophy and everything we did until now worked out that is why we are sure to be on the right track...“


Our winery is counted as a top winery of Burgenland for a long time now. 20 years ago Paul inherited the mixed farm of his father and focused on wine-growing. As a determined young vintner he soon recognized the potential of the Blaufränkisch grape which originally grows in his home village Horitschon and built up a winery which numbers among the top-wineries of Austria. In 1989 Paul started with bottling in and now his casks amount to a total of more than 850.

Paul decided to stick to his decision to vintner profound and complex wine, that won´t throw itself at its savourer, but plays its qualities after some maturity stage.


Over the course of years a recognizable "Kerschbaum-style" emerged. The wine is throughout stunning and corpulent, though inciting to drink more, as well as balanced and harmonious in its acid play. Paul cultivates strong and time resistant wine with a deliberately decent, wooden touch to it. Furthermore his wine needs enough air because of its rich tannin-concentration. Taking all these facts into account the success of his wine also rests upon the selective grape-production with fruit-thinning done twice, as well as a gentle fermentation process which lasts for 25 days and the wine being stored in used and new wooden barrels.

 Since childhood it was certain for Michael to advance with his family’s business. To work with the nature and to be in the nature has always been a joy for him. For Michael there was nothing more fascinating than to follow the whole process of the grape turning into wine, with its final stage when its poured into a glas.

After his oneologist graduation in 2007 at the Höheren Bundeslehranstalt für Wein- und Obstbau at Klosterneuburg Michael was finally able to implement his skilled knowledge for his family business.
That was right before he was invited to a 3 months internship abroad in France in 2010.

“For me it was very exciting and instructive experience, which I definitely don’t want to miss retrospectively. “, Michael said jokingly.

The impressions which he acquired in France motivated him to combine his newly won knowledge with the experience he already had from the time he was working with his father in his domestic business and to turn this into action. Through the years Paul assigned Michael more and more responsibility. With the harvest in 2011 Paul was confident that Michael can now produce the wine on his own authority.

After he was asked how he feels he said: „Honestly, this is(was) not always easy until now!  There surely is a certain pressure, since my father was very successful and is producing top wine.”

His aim ist to make the wine that stands upright to what it was until now in the  series of well-placed  wine of our country and to honor and even extend the well-known name of their winery at home and abroad. In assistance of his father and through hard work Michael was able to achieve several great awards of high ranked wine magazines.