about our vineyards


Dürrau is the favourite vineyard for Paul. Special to this yard is that it has heavy soil, composed out of aranaceous marl and gravel. The south part is a hill, which is parted from the evening sun. Here the ripeness is slower. But despite that the Dürrau is an especially valuable site, which produces Blaufränkisch of wealthy structure and durability.


In dry years it is a brilliant water reservoir and the quality of the grapes is almost impossible to outrank. Rainy seasons get problematic though. The soil is impervious and it often happens that it is too wet. Paul describes this vineyard as his "minute-soil", for its features. The wine displays a peppery aroma, but also a cinnamon like sweetness from time to time.



On this vineyard the brands Blaufränkisch, Carbernet Sauvignon and Merlot are being cultivated. The structure of the soil is composed out of clayey and loess, which merges into gravel deep under the surface. The southern parts of the Hochäcker show lighter soil and in the steepest area the body is the heaviest; here you can find much gravel mixed with clayey.


Because of that the soil is more permeable and produces the best results during rainy seasons. on the other side the soil gets very hard throughout the summer, which was the reason for being unpopular amongst the vintner of former times; it had been very hard to deal with it. During hot periods the danger of drought damage is always high.


That´s the reason why Paul planted very selected sort of Blaufränkisch grapes, which produce very small grapes and are more resistant against drought. The wine is characterized by high elegance and is highly appreciated as a characteristic wine with peppery flavour. Its special structure makes it ideal for ageing in small wooden barrels.

Gfanger & Kirchholz

Gfanger and Kirchholz are vineyards composed out of loess soil, with gravel shot through. Because of this rather light soil the vineyard got more fruit, but less tannin and flavour.

Because of that it is more suited for Zweigelt than Blaufränkisch. back