Strong soilsfor perfect wines.

That's how the sun tastes.

Our vineyards thrive under the hot sun of middle-Burgenland. Here, powerful red wines with lots of character are vinified in style. Due to the soil, the mild climate and the many hours of sunshine, one grape variety feels particularly at home in Horitschon: the Blaufränkisch. Only here, the wine reveals its deep sour cherry flavour and is thus inextricably linked with the middle of Burgenland. An attribute that has given our region the name "Blaufränkischland". Tradition and pioneering spirit meet here and make Horitschon one of the most famous red wine communities in Austria.

DürrauThe best location

The Dürrau Vineyard, a particularly valuable location. Blaufränkisch-vines of substantial structure flourish here. Resulting in the typical fine spicy aroma and sometimes even a cinnamon sweetness in the smell. The vines grow in deep loam soil which has a very high clay content. This causes a round palate with an enormous length. The soil contains a lot of iron, which is easily recognizable by rust brown spots in the soil. The location Dürrau is one of the most extraordinary locations in Burgenland. In dry years, it is an excellent reservoir of water, and the quality of the grapes is then hard to beat, because water in the soil brings freshness and fine acidity to the wine. The Blaufränkisch vines in the Dürrau are up to 70 years old and give characterful, strong, voluminous and extremely spicy wines.

Hochäckerorigin of elegance.

Here, a mixture of loam and loess soil changes to gravel deeper down. The soil is thus permeable and brings in wet years its best results. In hot periods, there is always the risk of drought damage. We have therefore planted selected Blaufränkisch vines, which bear very small grapes and are thus more resistant to drought. They deliver characterful wines of high elegance. Their peppery spiciness is much appreciated. Due to their special structure, these wines are suitable for maturing in small wooden barrels.


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