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Top wines without compromise.

Take a closer look. Become one with nature. Don’t sit back and do nothing. This guiding principle has accompanied our winery for more than twenty years. There are no compromises in the sustainable management of our 35 hectares of vineyards. During all the production steps we act with a sense of sustainability and in harmony with nature. In return we, in the best locations of Horitschon, are presented with abundance.

Much is done by hand, because it is gentler on the soil and the grapes and therefore better for our wines. The gentle vinification ensures soft, perfectly integrated tannins and intense fruitiness. The maturing in oak barrels increases the maturity potential of our wines and makes them particularly complex. Last but not least, Vinaria and Gault Millau awards, such as the Salon, Falstaff and À la carte winners, the Gold Medal in Chicago and the nomination for Falstaff "Winemaker of the Year" award, confirm our quality track record.

1989,the first Filling

It is the fascination of profound and complex wines that has accompanied the Kerschbaum winery over all these years. When Paul Kerschbaum began bottling in 1989, he pressed wines that did not immediately throb around the connoisseur's mouth, but only revealed their qualities after a certain period of maturity. His son Michael shares this passion today and continues to develop the "Kerschbaum style" of his father just as ambitiously and uncompromisingly. The result: the wines are consistently powerful and full, but at the same time easy to drink, balanced and harmonious in acidity. The typical character is also provided by the approximately 850 barrique barrels, which give the wine time to mature.

The Kerschbaum Family


Michael Kerschbaum

Anyone who stops improving, has stopped being good! For the chief oenologist, there are no compromises in terms of quality and innovation. As a determined winemaker Michael has taken over the management of the family business from his father Paul and led it into a new era. But he is still not satisfied with that. New ideas, a passion for Blaufränkisch and unbowed ambition will ensure exciting developments still to come in the future.

Paul Kerschbaum

The Blaufränkisch pioneer of middle-Burgenland and founding father of Austrian red wine culture, founded the winery in 1989. With his innovative approaches, a tireless ambition and a passion for powerful red wines, he made the name Kerschbaum known nationally and internationally and thus laid the foundation for the winery’s success today.

Stephanie Kerschbaum

The sunshine of the business. As someone who changed careers and joined the wine industry, she is professionally and personally at Michael's side. In a good mood and well-organized, she oversees customer care, invoicing and office work at the winery.

Gabriele Kerschbaum

Gabriele is at her happiest out and about in the vineyards, even though she has found another vocation as a primary school teacher. With her enthusiasm for wine, she has always been the driving force and inspiration behind her husband Paul’s success.


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