The Team

Together. Only the best.

Perfection needs enthusiasm. And our team has so much of that! Together with our long-time employees, we are able to successfully develop the Kerschbaum winery. Through the commitment of each and every one and the enthusiasm for viniculture, we succeed in consolidating our excellent reputation and ensuring the quality the winery offers.

Michael Kerschbaum

Anyone who stops improving, has stopped being good! For the chief oenologist, there are no compromises in terms of quality and innovation. As a determined winemaker Michael has taken over the management of the family business from his father Paul and led it into a new era. But he is still not satisfied with that. New ideas, a passion for Blaufränkisch and unbowed ambition will ensure exciting developments still to come in the future.

Paul Kerschbaum

The Blaufränkisch pioneer of middle-Burgenland and founding father of Austrian red wine culture, founded the winery in 1989. With his innovative approaches, a tireless ambition and a passion for powerful red wines, he made the name Kerschbaum known nationally and internationally and thus laid the foundation for the winery’s success today.

Stephanie Kerschbaum

The sunshine of the business. As someone who changed careers and joined the wine industry, she is professionally and personally at Michael's side. In a good mood and well-organized, she oversees customer care, invoicing and office work at the winery.

Gabriele Kerschbaum

Gabriele is at her happiest out and about in the vineyards, even though she has found another vocation as a primary school teacher. With her enthusiasm for wine, she has always been the driving force and inspiration behind her husband Paul’s success.

Erna Kerschbaum

Erna is the good soul in the Kerschbaum house. She pitches in where help is needed, is a tireless force in the vineyard and also the best cook you can imagine.

David Raidl
Alexander Wapp
Jenö Jerkö

He keeps the company running: as tractor driver and technical genius his performance is indispensable.

Josif Shqau

Without our loyal employees in the vineyards, the hard work would not be possible. Josif has been a member of our team for many years and knows the vineyards like no other.

Sane Shqau

A member of the vineyard-team for many years. As part of an unbeatable team with her husbang Josif, she manages the private and professional challenges very successfully.


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